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August at Arioso is Pride & Prejudice month!

Join us as we step back into the Regency Era

Remember; these are just theme parties. We will not actually be playing croquet or taking a walk.

The parties will run as usual with a bit of period music and dances worked in.

Prices are the same even though it's a theme.


July 30th   

Regency dance class will begin. The 5 week course will prepare you for the Grand Ball on August 30th.

 Follow this link to register for the classes.

 August 2nd - High Tea

Dress for a tea dance (even though it's at night) Be sure to wear your best tea hat for the contest.


August 9th - Games on the Green

Dress for a Regency day playing lawn games and socializing. 


August 16th - Promenade

 Don't forget your gloves, bonnets and parasols.


August 23rd - Hedge Maze

We will have a "knock off" hedge maze for you to try to find your way through.


August 30th - Grand Ball

Air out you best dress and heat up the hair iron for the classy end of an era.We will have a wider range of period music mixed in so everyone can try out their Regency dances from the Tuesday classes.


During August you are welcome to dress in period style clothing for the parties, but it is not required. 

We will be playing our regular party music with a little Regency thrown in for those who are taking the class to have some practice.

As part of our Summer Extravaganza each party will have games and trivia available for extra fun.

If you would like to dress for the theme, but you are not sure what to wear....

Ladies wore long dresses and the empire waistline was the current style. Cotton or linen for walking or day wear, light colored silks for evening so they could be seen in the dim candle light. 

Gentlemen were starting to wear "long pants" so don't worry men, you don't have to wear knickers and funny shoes. To give a nod to the era, add a vest and cravat to your usual dress pants and collared shirt. 

Private Dance Lessons

  • Private ballroom lessons are 45 minute sessions scheduled at your convenience with your instructor.
  • This session is for you to learn what you personally need to know to be a better dancer and complete your goals. Sometimes it is a new pattern, practice sequence, or understanding a new technique to train your body.
  • This is the fastest way to learn because your instructor can tailor the lesson to match how you learn and how you best retain new information.
  • You can take these by yourself or with a partner, the cost remains the same.
  • Private lessons can also be used for upcoming events like a wedding or cruise to help you prepare. We would focus on just the material you would be using, and give advice specific to what you might encounter.
  • Choreography or coaching for talent shows, competitions or showcases are another good use of private lessons.
  • There may be other lessons going on at the same time, they are called private because you have the instructors undivided attention on just you!

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Group Class Levels

Ballroom Basics: No experience necessary. We will cover the following: The basic step in 4 0r 5 core social dances - Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Rumba & Swing.  How to find a beat in the music, and  determine which dance to do when music is playing socially.  Basic technique, styling, and partnership to look and feel like a good social dancer.

 Bronze I : Review of basic steps plus 2 or 3 new variations in each dance. Continued work on partnership, frame, and techniques.  Additional focus on musicality, body rhythm and styling to give each dance it's own specific characteristics. (Ballroom Basics class completion suggested)

View more: Group Class...

Ballroom Group Classes

  • Group classes are one instructor teaching 4 to 20 students, the same material, at the same time.
  • Usually men stand in one row, the ladies stand in another row facing them. (think red rover without the running, but all the fun)
  • The instructor will demonstrate and teach the men their part of a pattern and repeat the step a few times in front of them to practice it with the men.  Then he/she will show and teach the ladies their part to compliment the man’s step, and practice it in front of them.  Finally the dancers pair up and practice the step together with music.

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Upcoming Classes

To register for the upcoming Regency Dance Classes

please follow this link.  Registration 


The next Basics Class will start in the fall.  

Ballroom Basics

For students with no experience in formal dance, or those who want to brush up and improve their basic skills.   You will be introduced to the basic pattern and one variation in 4 core social dances. (Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba, Swing)  

We will cover the social settings where you are most likely to use each dance, how to find the beat in the music and determine which dance to do for different songs. We will also be learning basic partnership, techniques, and styling skills so you look and feel confident and comfortable on any dance floor.  If you have two left feet or no rhythm don't worry, we have the solutions to make learning fun and easy for you.  

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