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Group Class Levels

Ballroom Basics: No experience necessary. We will cover the following: The basic step in 4 0r 5 core social dances - Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Rumba & Swing.  How to find a beat in the music, and  determine which dance to do when music is playing socially.  Basic technique, styling, and partnership to look and feel like a good social dancer.

 Bronze I : Review of basic steps plus 2 or 3 new variations in each dance. Continued work on partnership, frame, and techniques.  Additional focus on musicality, body rhythm and styling to give each dance it's own specific characteristics. (Ballroom Basics class completion suggested)

Bronze II:  Review of basic and beginning patterns.  Adding in patterns that rotate as a couple for easy turns around the floor. Continued work on styling, techniques and partnership.  Focus on combining patterns for smooth transitions and easy floorcraft. ( Bronze I required to attend)

 Bronze III:    Review of patterns and techniques. Adding in patterns that require good technique and partnership skills to accomplish comfortably. Continued work on styling to create a finished look and a little more showmanship on the dance floor. (Bronze II required)

Bronze IV:  Review of the major dances and figures. Adding in the more complex patterns and groupings. Polishing up techniques and partnership concepts for fluid and consistent styling on the floor. Focusing on body rhythms, musicality and characteristics of each dance. (Bronze III required)

Silver I: Advanced social dancing.  Explores complex patterns that require good partnership skills from both partners. Adds continuity styling, rhythm variations and advanced styling techniques. (Bronze IV required)

Gold: Although most gold patterns can be danced socially, they are more showy and geared towards competition or showcase material. The dancers need to each learn and know their own patterns, as they often dance apart from each other.

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